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vulva assault squad
a place for women everwhere
7th-Oct-2005 12:10 pm
so i'm watching maury...and theses 14 year old girls want to have babies....yes WANT to...they are uber desperate for a baby...this one girl said she KNOWS the guy who gets her pregnant will help her and whats funny is that maury was like "LOLZ you think the guy is gonna help pay for the baby".
i also dont get the mothers of theses crazy girls...or any of those crazy bad kids. dont sit there and CRY! DO SOMETHING! it your 10-14 year old child! dont be like "oh i cant control em its so hard" i dont want kids but i'd be an awesome mom

this one 14 year old girl carries around a baby doll...and maury and i have brain connectins because he said what i was gonna type...a baby doll is nothing like a real baby...

apparently some of these girls do background checks (on their own) on the guys they have sex with to make sure they, i guess, picked a good one. how does that work? a 14 year old hs no way of getting the info needed for a background check.

now maury is gonna do what he does best...send kids to boot camp...in this case, baby boot camp...scare the stupidity out of em. this one girl is talking to them to try try to change their minds. she was the same way they were and now has AIDS. and now that dean west crazy musceled black guy is yelling, i mean, motivationally speaking at them.
and maury loves it! XD

and now they dont want babies after that one day of boot camp

ok its done...imput?
7th-Oct-2005 07:12 pm (UTC)
I'm fourteen and I'd like a baby- sometime in my future, yea. Once in a while I feel like "oohhh, I wanna BABY!! NOW!!" I put it off as my being hormonal and motherly and liking little kids a tad too much. I usually cuddle my 13 year old baby doll Sarah and talk to her. Then I eat chocolate and talk to my friends and realize I'm still a baby myself and become very happy with my baby doll. ^^
7th-Oct-2005 08:35 pm (UTC)
well i see nothing wrong with that...its the whole IMMA HAVE SEX WITH 50 GUYS EVERYDAY TILL I GET PREGNANT thing that makes me wanna smack them kids
8th-Oct-2005 02:13 am (UTC)
That freaks the hell out of me.

Like, okay, you're young and dumb and you think a child is going to fix all the problems in your life and give you the love you're obviously not getting (I say this because I had my son when I was 19, I am speaking for myself and in general - nobody flame me).

Fine. You want to do that. Okay. Go ahead.

But for the love of Christ, give your child a fighting chance and not have them be f*cking born with Herpes or Gawd knows what because you're so desperate that you're basically a sperm receptacle with no discrimination as to your sources. At the very least, Pick someone with some decent genetic material to pass on if you're not in love and some one with education and a decent job. Not the 15 year old boy down the street with bad teeth who just got his first job working 10 hours a week at the neighbourhood McD's.
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