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6th-Apr-2006 10:29 am - Shameless Self-Promotion...
naked tango
I have some spoken word mp3's on my website for free download:

Track 1. Homage To the D*ck (Naked Tango Remix) *NSFW*
Track 2. Pop Culture Rant 4.0


There's a media player, just scroll down on the screen and have a listen. If you like them, download and tell your friends.


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How does this pertain to cunted creatures when one is called "Homage to the Dick"?
Give it a listen. If you've a woman - you'll laugh. Just be careful, there's a lot of ADULT LANGUAGE.
[calvin] i'm significant
Police say runaway girl, 15, was held for weeks, gang-raped and tortured

PHOENIX - A couple held a runaway teen captive in a hollow bed frame for weeks and forced her to have sex for money with people they found on the Internet, police said.

The 15-year-old girl managed to call family members for help while 18-year-old Matthew Gray and 19-year-old Janelle Butler were sleeping Monday night, authorities said. The two were arrested Tuesday.


[ how fucking horrible. sometimes the world makes me want to cry. ]

[ cross-posted to my journal. ]
7th-Nov-2005 10:02 pm - this is scary
[calvin] i'm significant
Youngest Mother

Claim: The youngest mother on record was a five-year-old Peruvian girl.

Status: True.


[ i feel so sorry for that poor girl. it's awful the things that people get away with. ]
13th-Oct-2005 12:42 pm - plan b petition
[calvin] i'm significant
On August 26th, the FDA announced that it will initiate a new public comment period on the application to make Plan B emergency contraception available over the counter. This action amounts to an indefinite delay in consideration of the application and flies in the face of the mounting scientific and medical evidence that emergency contraception is a safe, effective method for reducing the rate of unintended pregnancy.

The FDA's action prompted Dr. Susan Woods, Director of the Office of Women's Health and a widely-respected voice for scientific integrity and women's health, at the FDA to resign in protest. Senators Clinton and Murray have drafted a letter, which they will send to the FDA in response to the agency's request for public comment on the Plan B application.


please sign this, ladies. this is important.
13th-Oct-2005 12:11 pm - Womens health fuling poverty
[calvin] i'm significant
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says 99% of maternal deaths are preventable yet every minute a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes.

This loss impacts not only on the family and society, but also on the economy, its latest report says.

UNFPA says investment in reproductive health and gender equality could spur growth and sustainable development.


interesting. i had never really thought about how women's health would effect people on a world-wide level before.
7th-Oct-2005 12:10 pm - WTF!?
so i'm watching maury...and theses 14 year old girls want to have babies....yes WANT to...they are uber desperate for a baby...this one girl said she KNOWS the guy who gets her pregnant will help her and whats funny is that maury was like "LOLZ you think the guy is gonna help pay for the baby".
i also dont get the mothers of theses crazy girls...or any of those crazy bad kids. dont sit there and CRY! DO SOMETHING! it your 10-14 year old child! dont be like "oh i cant control em its so hard" i dont want kids but i'd be an awesome mom

this one 14 year old girl carries around a baby doll...and maury and i have brain connectins because he said what i was gonna type...a baby doll is nothing like a real baby...

apparently some of these girls do background checks (on their own) on the guys they have sex with to make sure they, i guess, picked a good one. how does that work? a 14 year old hs no way of getting the info needed for a background check.

now maury is gonna do what he does best...send kids to boot camp...in this case, baby boot camp...scare the stupidity out of em. this one girl is talking to them to try try to change their minds. she was the same way they were and now has AIDS. and now that dean west crazy musceled black guy is yelling, i mean, motivationally speaking at them.
and maury loves it! XD

and now they dont want babies after that one day of boot camp

ok its done...imput?
6th-Oct-2005 03:54 pm - oh wow... this has to suck
[calvin] i'm significant
Quit yellin', it's only childbirth

Katie Holmes' mission impossible will be giving birth without painkillers - or screaming.
That's because her fiancé, "Mission Impossible" star Tom Cruise, is a Scientologist.

Practitioners of Scientology are against drugs but insist on "silent birth" because they believe it's traumatic for babies to hear their mothers groan or cry.


if she goes through with that, she's just plain silly.
[calvin] i'm significant
Study: Teen Girls Leading Sexual Revolution
Average Age Of Sex For Girls Is 15

SAN DIEGO -- A study that began in 1943 and ended in 1999 shows that teenage girls are having sex at a younger age than ever before and are taking the lead in dismantling sexual taboos.

According to the study, the percentage of young girls who participate in premarital sex jumped from 12 to 79 percent, while the percentage of young men who participate in premarital sex jumped from 42 to 71 percent.

The average age teenage girls had sexual intercourse in 1999 was 15, according to the study. The average age during the 1950s and 1960s was 19. Overall, the percentage of sexually-actively teenage girls in 1999 was 50 percent, compared to 13 percent in 1943.

Study co-researcher Jean Twenge said birth control and cultural acceptance are the main reasons for the changes. She does not feel the prevalence of sex on television has contributed as much to the phenomenon as people think.


thoughts, ladies?
5th-Oct-2005 09:55 pm - A girl thing?
I dont know if it's just me or if other people have felt this way but i feel like the 1st woman (of hopefully not very many) i'm going to have to beat off of my boyfriend with a stick will be his mom.
my parents will not talk to me for an hour if i say "hey im having lunch with eric" they will say "ok call me later bye"
his mom talks to him for like 20-30 minutes after that and i dont know...it bugs me...and calling more than twice in an hour knowing we are out doing something...it just ::grumble::
am i being dumb or is this something that exists for other people?
5th-Oct-2005 09:46 pm - yessss!
[calvin] i'm significant
Legislator drops controversial plan

A controversial proposed bill to prohibit gays, lesbians and single people from using medical procedures to become pregnant has been dropped by its legislative sponsor.
State Sen. Patricia Miller, R-Indianapolis, issued a one-sentence statement this afternoon saying: “The issue has become more complex than anticipated and will be withdrawn from consideration by the Health Finance Commission.”


cross-posted to my journal.
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